Please call or email the contact person to confirm the group is meeting and to get specifics on the meeting location.

  Monday      6:30 pm    
  Newman Center
  University of Hawaii
  1941 East West Center Road

 June Naughton

 7:00 pm 
  Sts Peter & Paul
  800 Kaheka Street

  Norman Oshiro
  Wednesday5:30 - 6 pm

  Central Union Church
  1660 S. Beretania St. Honolulu
  Church Admin Building

No Meeting Feb 14, 2018.
Meeting a 5:30 in Parish Hall, makai side, Feb 21 - Mar 21st.  You are invited to come at 5:00 to start with labyrinth walk, stay for Centering Prayer, followed by soup supper at 6 pm and program by Rev. Brandon Duran from 6:30 - 7:30. Come for all or any of these activities.

  Carol Alevizos

  Location moved to the Rewick Boardroom in the
  Church admin building.

  Thursday  5:00 pm  St. Andrews Cathedral
  229 Queen Emma Square

 Rosanne Donohoe


  Thursday  4:00 pm 
  Church of the Holy Nativity
  5286 Kalanianaole Hwy

  Juditha Murashige
 Wednesday 4:00 PM
Pohai Nani
45-090 Namoku St
   Georgia Kinney Bopp
   (808) 429-8088
Thursday        10:00 am
  Windward United Church of Christ
  38 Kaneohe Bay Drive 
   Jean Benfer
  Thursday     5:00 pm 
  Emmanuel Episcopal Church
  780 Keolu Drive
  Enchanted Lake Kailua
  Jean Benfer


(except for 1st WED of the month)
  7:00 pm 

 Resurrection of the Lord
  94-1260 Lumikula St

  Vicky Arakawa
  6:30 pm 
  Immaculate Conception Church
  91-1296 Renton Road
  Ewa Beach
  Eden Pulga

 Friday      6:00 pm 
  St. Timothy's Church
  98-939 Moanalua Road

  Evan Barney

  10:45 am 
  Waialua United Church of Christ
  67-174 Farrington Highway
  Waialua, Hawaii 96791

This meeting is on hold during times of travel so please contact Dan to see if they are meeting.
  Dan Benedict



North Shore Group

Our group includes three ordained clergy men: 1 United Methodist Church, 1 United Church of Christ, 1 Christian (one of the branches of the Disciples of Christ), and three lay women: 1 Episcopal, 1 United Presbyterian, and 1 United Church of Christ. It is a great group. After a 15 minute checkin, we do Lectio Divina with a passage from the coming Sunday Revised Common Lectionary text, usually the gospel reading (reading it four times) and then doing a 20 minute sit. Dan Benedict is the usual leader, but when he is not present one of the others leads. We would be delighted to have others join us and are willing to interrupt our usual pattern to use the teaching DVD with Fr. Keating, if new comers would like to explore the fundamental of Contemplative Outreach and Centering Prayer.


# # #

Faith Sharing Through Prayerful Drawing

By the East Oahu [Aina Haina] Centering Prayer Circle

By Jonna Zane from the Spring 2010 Newsletter

Faith sharing is about discovering God’s presence and action in the joys, sorrows, hopes, and fears of the human journey and sharing one’s story with others.  It is a gift of telling and hearing, not a method of problem solving.  One’s story is received in reverence without judgment or discussion by those in the prayer circle.  Among members of a Centering Prayer Circle, such sharing is encouraged as a means of supporting one another on the contemplative path.

 After Centering together the women of the East Oahu Centering Prayer Circle engage in faith sharing through prayerful drawing.  Prayerful drawing is an expression of the deepest stirrings of the Holy Spirit in one’s soul which manifest in symbolic form through color, shapes, and lines on small black paper.  Most often, members take about 10 minutes to draw in response to a passage of scripture read in the four movements of Lectio Divina.  Each is invited to share her drawing and comments about it with the group.  Occasionally, someone may choose not to share, and that is fine. 

 At the close of the faith sharing period, each woman places her drawing in a small, personal book along with the date and comments she may wish to make about it.  At the end of the year, it is quite amazing to look through the book and rediscover the musings and guidance of the Holy Spirit in one’s life.  Amazing also are the bonds of community forged in the small group of women from different religious traditions through this sacred process of faith sharing. 

 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  Matthew 18: 20


Drawings 1-5 from Isaiah 61:10-11

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
   my whole being shall exult in my God;
for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation,
   he has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland,
   and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.
11For as the earth brings forth its shoots,
   and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring up,
so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise
   to spring up before all the nations.

Drawings 6-9 from Revelations 8:2-4

And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpet were given to them.

Another angel with a golden censer came and stood at the alter; he was given a great quantity of incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar that is before the throne.  And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel.

# # #

First United Methodist’s Centering Prayer Community

By Rev. Amy C. Wake, First United Methodist Church, Honolulu, from the Spring 2012 Newslsetter

Two years ago, I was struggling to balance the demands of being a pastor of a large church and a mother of two young kids. I took a short renewal leave and started looking for a new spiritual discipline to keep me grounded and centered. A friend of mine suggested a weekly Centering Prayer group. I had no real idea what I was getting into, but my life was so hectic that 20 minutes of silence sounded like heaven. It was not easy at first, but I was relieved to find that my intention and consent was enough for God. And after a bit of practice and perseverance, I soon realized that 20 minutes of silence really is heaven!

After my leave was over, it was no longer possible for me to participate in my weekly Centering Prayer group regularly. So instead, I prayed at home, signed up for every retreat I could attend, and came to as many Saturday Mornings of Prayer as my schedule allowed. I am hardly a perfect prayer, but Centering Prayer has helped me stay connected to the awe-inspiring, all-consuming, ever-loving presence of God.

I couldn't keep it to myself. I started teaching Centering Prayer to my congregation, with the help of Contemplative Outreach videos. Only a few people showed up for the Advent series. But we tried again during Lent and this time around, we had more takers, and more people who came to discover the graciousness of silence. When Lent was over, they did not want to stop. So we continue to meet weekly. We start by watching a short video clip, giving people time to settle down from their hectic days (or arrive a little late). Then we use a CD with a few minutes of music, 20 minutes of silence, and then a minute of music to signal the end of the prayer. This way no one has to keep track of the time. We close with the Lord's Prayer.