Contemplative Outreach of Hawaii Service Teams

Programs and resources provided by Contemplative Outreach of Hawaii in support of the Centering Prayer Community in Hawaii are possible because of donations of people like you and the generosity of volunteers who give their time and talent freely.  Volunteers are organized in the following Service Teams.  Service Teams enthusiastically welcome new members - contact the team leader if you want to be involved.

Morning of Prayer Service Team

The Morning of Centering Prayer Service Team plans, staffs and provisions the bi-monthly Mornings of Centering Prayer.

Hospitality Service Team

The Hospitality Service Team sets up the refreshment at events such as the Mornings of Centering Prayer and the United in Prayer Day.  On Oahu the coffee, tea, paper products, pots, etc. are kept in a supply cabinet in the kitchen of the Women’s Building at Central Union Church where most of the events are held.  The teams service includes:

  • Buying coffee supplies as needed and submitting receipts for reimbursement or use a gift card provided by the COHI Coordinator, i.e., coffee, tea, creamer or milk, sugar, cups, stirs, napkins, filters, small plates, plastic utensils
  • Arriving at events 45 minutes ahead of time so coffee, etc. is ready before guests arrive
  • Making coffee and hot water for tea and fill the push pots
  • Bring pastries & snacks and/or have others sign up to bring them, you and others should submit receipts for reimbursement
  • Setting up the refreshment table

Retreat Service Team

The Retreats Service Team plans and staffs Weekend, Intensive and Post-Intensive Centering Prayer retreats. From time to time, the team hosts guest retreat leaders for COHI retreats.

Newsletter and Communications Service Team

The newsletter & communications service team members will include a newsletter editor and formatter and a webmaster.  Together the team aims at:

·         Putting out two newsletters a year
The Team decides on content, solicits or writes articles or announcements, and works with the Production Editor to compose the final layout.  Once approved, the newsletter team works with the printer to get the newsletters printed along with any inserts.  The printer folds, stamps and mails the newsletters using stamps and seals provided by the team.

·         Sending out an e-news bulletin each month announcing upcoming events

·         Sending emails to the Star Advertiser of COHI events for the religion calendar

·          Keeping the website up-to-date

·         Announcing upcoming events on Facebook current

Introduction to Centering Prayer & Prayer Group Support Service Team

The team works with host groups and arranges with CO Commissioned Presenters to provide the seven-session Introduction to Centering Prayer workshop at least twice a year and on request. It also ensures that Commissioned Presenters are available for the “mini-intros” at the Mornings of Centering Prayer. In addition, the team arranges, as needed, for Formations to train new presenters and Formation updates for current presenters, as well as occasional gatherings of presenters practice and support.  The team also supports on going prayer groups by holding at least two Days of Enrichment each year for those leading and helping with Centering Prayer Groups to come together in community for support and enrichment. This includes facilitator training so they are familiar with the contents of the CO Ltd., Facilitator Manual.   It supports the start up of new groups by supporting the facilitator as needed.  

Resource Person (Books, DVDs, etc.)

The book person ensures the availability of Contemplative Outreach books, DVDs, etc for the Centering Prayer community in Hawaii at all events as well as on an as needed basis. Tasks include: ordering books from CO Ltd website or other sources, receiving the ordered books, putting price tags on new books for sale, labeling and stamping new books added to the lending library, sending reminder postcards periodically to people who have not returned books for a long time, accounting for books sold at events.  Creating a list of books and other resources available for loan from the COHI library on the COHI website (started). Resources are currently stored in a central location on Oahu, Kauai and Maui.